Collectibles & Gadgets Holiday Gift Guide

World of Warcraft – Murloc Mug from Taverncraft

A perfect way to spend your night grinding levels is to fill this beautiful mug up with your poison of choice. It’s bound to last you longer than your 12 oz. cups you normally use.

Price: $99.99
Official Website

Marvel Stein Combo from Taverncraft

These 35 oz. glass steins will be the talk of any party, should you deem your friends nerdy enough to drink out of them. I call dibs on Iron Man.
Price: $99.99

Official Website

Reformat the Planet DVD

Think you know video game culture? Then why not give this DVD a spin and see how knowledgeable you truly are as Reformat the Planet takes a deep look at modern art.

Price: $15.00
Official Website

Bayonetta Action Figure by Play Arts

Celebrate the holidays by buying a figurine of the sexiest video game character to debut in 2010.

Price: $34.99
Buy it from Play-Asia

Kisai’s LED “Traffic” Watch

One way to catch everyone’s eyes is by sporting this watch from Tokyo Flash. Colorful and exotic, there’s not many stocking stuffer comparisons.

Price: $188.77
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