COD4 Developer Pursuing Success of Halo 3

For its next stand-out in the epic Call of Duty franchise, developer Infinity Ward has aimed to peg down the high action found in today’s reality of Modern Warfare.

Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare ventures into new territory for the California-based developer, who has in the past focused exclusively on the now-tired World War II genre. “…Modern day conflicts tend to be pretty one sided you know, one nation turning the other nation into a parking lot”, studio head Grant Collier explained.

“We wanted to have the signature CoD gameplay where two equal forces are fighting in a seesaw battle, back and forth, and you don’t know who’s going to come out on top. We totally dominated in the WWII genre and were like, ‘this isn’t fun anymore, let’s go play with some bigger people’.”

Development on the ambitious title has been largely focused on bringing the franchise up to date in far more ways than one, including weapon upgrades and customization options, as well as an extensive multiplayer mode. COD4 looks to become a serious foe to some of this holiday’s biggest titles. “Some people say ‘Oh gosh, there’s this big competition out there and so we should move our ship date because we’re feeling uncomfortable’”.

Collier went on, “We love competition. I think for the 360 it’s pretty much Halo 3 that’s the competition so we’re going after who we think are at the top of the game right now and we want to take those guys on. On PC I guess I’m hearing a lot about Crysis right now. Those guys kind of came right out from nowhere. There’s lots of buzz around that game. On PS3 we’re number one.”

In case you weren’t aware, Infinity Ward is the studio responsible for COD 1/2/4 while Treyarch handled the third main title in the series. Read up on the decision to pass up the Wii as a development platform and more by following the link below.