Cobalt Flux Introduces Innovative New Wii Gun Shell

Looking for a way to improve your firing technique on the Wii? Is the Perfect Shot too mundane for you, and the Wii Zapper simply too strange? Then perhaps Cobalt Flux has the answer for you!

The “Dark Ops Wii Light Gun” is an interesting piece that gives you a more gun-styled grip, but thanks to “Fresnel light-bending technology,” you have access to all of the buttons on the Wii Remote itself, perhaps making it an ideal choice, even for games such as Metroid Prime 3, where using anything other than just the Wii remote is unwieldy.

The product website lists the following features:

• Preserves independent use of the nunchuck. Lets you play every game with a gun!
• Ergonomic Pistol Grip sits comfortably in your hand.
• Full Access to all the buttons on the Wii remote.
• Lock ‘N Load – Easy loading and unloading of Wii remote – loads like a clip.
• Double grips for one or two handed action.
• Great styling to match any game.
• Fresnel light-bending technology let’s you aim the gun instead of the remote.

And it costs $19.95– about five bucks more than the Perfect Shot, or the same as the Wii Zapper, but with the drawback of not getting Link’s Crossbow Training included.

Check out the other pics on the website, it looks like a pretty handy device. And if I can find some good reviews, it may replace the Perfect Shot as the gun I get for shooting up zombies ‘n things.