Class-Action Lawsuit Filed Against Sony, Square Enix

A San Diego man is leading a class-action lawsuit against Square Enix and Sony Computer Entertainment America, alleging that Final Fantasy XIII is rendering PlayStation 3’s, including his own, inoperable.

The lawsuit was filed on July 2 and was first discovered by IGN. It claims “severe and widespread damage” has occurred and continues to, for many PlayStation 3 owners who try to run Final Fantasy XIII on their systems. The class action suit involves more than 100 participants and is seeking $5 million in damages.

The litigant, Daniel Wolf, claims that his PlayStation 3 froze while he was saving his game of Final Fantasy XIII, and that, afterwards, his PlayStation 3 would no longer play any media and was left “totally and permanently inoperable.”

The lawsuit cites numerous threads on the official PlayStation forums that indicate many users beside Mr. Wolf suffered from the same or similar circumstances.

The lawsuit seeks for damages from both Sony and Square Enix because the two both blame each other for the problem and have not resolved the issue. Sony has publicly claimed that the problem lies in a faulty disc manufactured for Square Enix while Square Enix blames Sony’s PlayStation 3.

“Both defendants are eminently aware of the damage being caused by their defective products, and have chosen to do nothing about it,” the lawsuit states.

The lawsuit brings to light an issue that has plagued some fans of Final Fantasy XIII on the PlayStation 3, but also seems exceedingly frivolous. $5 million dollars divided between 100 individuals leaves $50,000 per person participating in the lawsuit. Of course, after lawyer fees that leaves probably half that, $25,000. But that seems to be a bit much for the loss of a PlayStation 3.

The other issue, of course, is the question of who is to blame. The problem can’t be fixed until someone determines the source of the freezing, and with both sides pointing fingers at each other, it seems unlikely that a solution will be found before or after the lawsuit is settled. It’s a minor issue now, but if it continues unabated, more and more fans will want answers, and this lawsuit may not be the only one.

A full copy of the lawsuit can be found here.