Children’s Edutainment Coming to Japanese WiiWare

Children in Japan are being handed a convincing new excuse to play Wii.

Cable Entertainment is bringing Play with Kappa: Kappa and his Forest Friends to WiiWare, the first interactive children’s edutainment title to be released on Wii.

Cable Entertainment announced a new WiiWare game for Japan, and it’s already scheduled to come out in September! Kappa-kun to Asobou: Kappa-kun to Mori no Nakamatachi (Play with Kappa: Kappa and his Forest Friends) is an animated picture book with voice narration. The game, which tells the story of a young kappa who wants to become human, also includes simple quizzes about the material.

It’s cheap (600 points), can be purchased from home, and might encourage a few parents to share a story with their kids. — Nintendo Wii Fanboy

For those unfamiliar with the term, a “kappa” is a child-like water creature found in Japanese folklore, usually with a body similar to that of a monkey or frog.

For reasons that should be obvious, it is unlikely Play with Kappa: Kappa and his Forest Friends will be released outside of Japan. It could, however, open the door for edutainment titles with a more American appeal.

Any title that lends video games credibility and gets parents more involved with their children is one I wholeheartedly support.