Checkpoint Reached Episode 3 ‘Mass Effect 3, iPad 3, Japan Craziness and MW3 Knifing’

We continue our weekly show of Checkpoint Reached with some hilarious videos you probably already seen, but we'll shove down your throat again and again.

First we check out the unnecessary censoring in Mass Effect 3, which end up in quite the uncomfortable situations. HERE

Secondly we take a look at Gentleman's Rant for the new iPad or the iPad 3. HERE

We then move on to this next video which makes its way to us from Japan. What is it? Why is it shared between hot Japanese girls from mouth to mouth? Who knows, but it's awesome! HERE

Lastly we take a look at Derpshark's hilarious BF3/MW3 videos where he shows the awesomeness of knifing in Battlefield 3 and the wierdness of knifing in Modern Warfare 3. HERE

Make sure to check back every week for more cool content, that you've definitely seen, and we'll show you again!