Check Out This Awesome Deal from Best Buy

This photograph was taken by Kotaku reader Nazraen, and reveals an awesome new promotion which Best Buy is putting on.

So check it out, imagine you are absolutely loaded with stuff to do this holiday season; things to buy, people to see, hams to bake. Too much to do, too little time, so Best Buy is offering up this sweet deal: for only $129.99 on top of the purchase price, a member of their prestigious Geek Squad will come over and:

  • Set up and configure your PlayStation 3
  • Install all of the latest firmware updates
  • Set up and configure local user accounts, with parental controls
  • Set up and configure one online account

Okay, now I will admit, I do see a few problems with this. Only one online account? I think for the price you’re paying, you should get at least up to three or four: one for you, one for your life partner, and perhaps a couple for whatever rugrats you may have running around.

Second, they aren’t clear on whether or not they will deliver the console to your home. I am many things over the course of the week: during work, I am a busy man, and as a result of this, when I’m not working, I can be a lazy man. I don’t want to have to haul myself down to Best Buy in order to pick up the console if these guys are just going to come back with me anyway.

But then, they don’t say that they won’t deliver it, either, so that may be a moot point; I suppose I should check their website to see if I can handle the whole thing there, and then have the Geek Squad deliver it to my door. Think they guarantee 30 minutes or less?

And the final thing wrong with this picture is that I don’t see anything about a similar deal for the Xbox 360 or the Wii; that’s not to slight Best Buy, however, it’s just a simple lack of information which requires research.

Of course, I already own those two systems, but I’m thinking of the people who don’t. Who will set up LIVE? Who will install the Forecast and News Channels? If they don’t, then who will?

I’ve seen this on a lot of peoples’ websites, tweets, and blogs, and everyone seems to be down about it. Me? I want to be optimistic. We’re living in the future right now, and this is the kind of service we should be expecting, right? Sure, it costs a bit more, and these are lean times, but the economy has to heal itself somehow, and it’s not as though this is a requirement with the purchase.

So just think, for $129.99, you can have a certifiable Geek come into your home, fiddle with the wires behind your TV set, and let the rest of your family wake up the next morning and shower you with adulation. They do all the work, and you net all the reward.

And isn’t that all we really want? Reward without lifting a damn finger?