Catherine vs. Katherine

Catherine has just released in North America, and it’s only fitting that GameZone puts these two lovely ladies against each other to see who is the best fit to consume Vincent’s mind. The content that is revealed about the game is solely based on the information from trailers and the demo, so fear not! There won’t be any big spoilers in this battle.

Let’s start with the familiar Katherine from the beginning of the demo. This brunette has wedding on the mind and demands commitment. After being in a relationship with Vincent for a number of years, she feels that it is about time he proposed to her. She is a sleek and ambitious woman, who knows what she wants in life and is unwilling to release her claws from Vincent’s throat. When asked about being killed in dreams by Vincent, she replied “I mostly do all the killing”. Her psyche will definitely take a serious blow when she finds out that Vincent has cheated on her. Who knows how she will react to the situation?

Catherine, on the other hand, is an odd person to say the least. She is an incredibly beautiful 21 year old, with her golden pigtails and stunning physique. There really isn’t much known about Catherine and we can only presume that she preys on depressed men, deep in thought at the local bar. If a woman roams the bar looking for a man, it is apparent that she doesn’t beat around the bush when it comes to what she wants. After a night of sexual pleasure, Catherine seems to be unwilling to give up on the idea of a relationship with Vincent. Thinking that one night stand was meaningful enough to start a relationship, that shows the young Catherine is a buxom full of crazy.

Based on our first impressions of the two ladies, it is difficult to predict what would become of them and their relationship with Vincent. Katherine seems to be transforming into a potential psycho seeing her long term boyfriend of four years slip through her fingers and into the hands of a younger woman. Catherine is a roadblock between Vincent’s relationship with Katherine, using her beauty and bubbly personality to tempt him into her favor.

However, Catherine’s motives of wanting Vincent are unknown for the most part. With Katherine it is pretty apparent that she wants to turn the page in their relationship. However, since Vincent’s incident with the other Catherine, who knows how she will react to the situation? It is very doubtful that she would forgive and forget.

With all of this information brought to our attention, the best result for Vincent to avoid being castrated in the end is to run for the hills and never look back. Although, there is the ongoing problem of the nightmares reoccurring every night for Vincent. We still don’t know which woman is causing the nightmares of death. What’s worse, dying in a dream or having these two ladies tear you to shreds? These two beauties are obsessed and crazy. Run Vincent. Run like the wind.

The winner is Vincent and his manhood.