Casting Call for “Metal Gear” Short Film

Hardcore fans of the Metal Gear Solid franchise have called for a movie-adaptation for years, and it seems like that might be coming true. A casting call has been sent out for short film called “Metal Gear” that is intended for major film festival distribution. The film will be shot in Queens and Manhattan, so I’m guessing it might be Snake’s adventures growing up in the rough city?

More specifically the casting call wants people for the roles of Big Boss/John Doe, Grey Fox, Colonel Campbell, Schneider and young recruits. I’m assuming they must already have their actor for Snake groomed and ready to go, but then again how hard is it? Give him a bandanna, grow out a beard (don’t forget the mullet) and you’re set.

The interviews are tomorrow and shooting will take place from August 11th to the 31st. So if you are in the area and are looking for an acting gig, or are just a huge fan of the Metal Gear Solid series, check it out.

Short Film

Producers: TurtleTalk Pictures, Agustin Rodriguez
Director: Chris Campbell
Writer: Daniel Kennedy
Casting Director: Daniel Kennedy
Interview Dates: August 7th
Shoot: 1 to 5 shoot days (depending on role), August 11-31
Location: Manhattan and Queens


METAL GEAR is a tragic action drama. A lonely American covert ops specialist is sent to assassinate his own mentor turned-traitor, which is hard enough… but what will he do when he discovers that the target is also his father? An intense thrill ride in the vein of The Bourne Supremacy, this short film is intended for Major Film Festival distribution. Based on characters from the game/graphic novel series of the same name.


(late 50s, Caucasian) Imposing, commanding, charming and dangerous. Known to be the Greatest Soldier of the 20th Century, he secretly betrays his country, convinced that the U.S. first betrayed him. He is also guilty of betraying his own son, whom he never quite connects to, though the opportunity is there. The boss can disarm you with his charisma… right before putting one between your eyes. Physically fit, full grey or white hair, some stage combat/martial arts preferred. Lead Role.

(30-35, Caucasian) Intimidating and imposing. He looks like he’s been killing men since he was a boy, because he has. Physically fit, stage combat/martial arts required. Supporting.

(50s, Caucasian) Commanding, confident presence, booming voice. Boss’ second-in-command, he’s in charge of Combat Training, but he’s in for a surprise today. Full grey or white hair. Supporting.

(late 20s, open ethnicity) short fight scene, some stage combat/martial arts required. Featured.

Open ethnicity.