Caption This!

Hey, you! You like winning free games? Of course you do! You like laughing at funny pictures. Who doesn't?!

We combine the best of both worlds and give you GameZones's Caption This!

Just caption the photo and if you have the best caption, YOU WIN! We'll show off your captioned photo in our "Wall of Fame" for everyone else to be jealous about and envy your awesomeness!

We don't censor, but keep it somewhat classy. If you want to edit the photo and caption it yourself, EXTRA POINTS FOR YOU!

This week's game is Duke Nukem Forever on Playstation 3! Just in time for the 4th of July! (USA USA USA!)

You have until July 5th to submit your photos and captions

Submit your captions either in our COMMENTS section -or- Submit your captioned photos by clicking here to submit your photos

Good luck, everyone, and we look forward to your hilarious shenanigans!

This contest is now closed.