Capcom Wary of DSi Development for the Time Being

Capcom has been a strong supporter of Nintendo’s DS system, not to mention its prior portables, and arguably even the Wii, at least comparably speaking. So what about Nintendo’s latest half-step further into the realm of two-screened portability?

Asked during their Q2 financial results briefing Q&A whether the Ace Attorney publisher would be releasing games to specifically take advantage of the DSi, Capcom President Haruhiro Tsujimoto replied:

“As the Nintendo DSi was just released recently, Capcom would like to see the response of users in the future and respond to that. We select the console based on our game concept. Therefore, after analyzing the sales situation and user trends for Nintendo DSi, if we have some contents suitable for the console, we will consider it.”

Not a “yes”. Not even a “probably”. A “if it does well, maybe we’ll think about it”. Hardly a vote of confidence. — Kotaku

And so the vicious cycle seems to continue: A company’s decision to support a product is based on the performance of said product that would likely be bolstered if it had the support of more companies.