Capcom-Unity Live Stream from Gamescom

Join Capcom live, for the first time ever from Germany at Gamescom 2011, as they bring you interviews with producers, live gameplay from the latest builds of their games, and even a few extras from around the show floor. Remember, they are broadcasting live from the other side of the world, so this will be pretty early in the morning for many of you.

Stream videos at Ustream

Check out the Capcom live stream schedule below. Since they have to play, or find someone to play the games in the live stream studio, the games feed will be sporadic, but remember to check back regularly for updates from Gamescom 2011.

Dragon’s Dogma 3:15am – 3:45am PST (12:15-12:45 Local Time Germany)
Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3 5:30am – 6:00am PST (15:30-16:00 Local Time Germany)
Chatting with Ben for the heck of it! 7:00am – 7:30am PST (17:00-17:30

Ask Capcom Live with Sven 4:00am – 4:30am PST (13:00-13:30 Local Time Germany)
Steel Battalion 5:30am – 6:00am PST (15:30-16:00 Local Time Germany)
Asura’s Wrath 7:00am – 7:30am PST (17:00-17:30 Local Time Germany)

DMC – Friday 6:15am – 6:45am PST (16:15-16:45 Local Time Germany)