Capcom Slashing Marvel Vs. Capcom 2 & Other PSN Prices by Half, PS.Blog Contest

Capcom has revealed via the PlayStation.Blog that beginning today, they are offering Marvel vs. Capcom 2 by fifty percent for the next week. And following that? Another game each week, over the course of five weeks in total.

$7.49 will get you MVC2, and on February 25th, the same price will net you Super Street Fighter II Turbo HD Remix. Following that, Super Puzzle Fighter II Turbo HD Remix drops to $4.99 on March 4th, with Age of Booty and 1942: Joint Strike going for the same price on March 11th and 18th, respectively.

In addition, those who live in the continental United States can partake in a contest they’re running on the PlayStation.Blog. Starting with the 100th commenter, they’re offering Capcom downloadable games, MVC2 vinyl record soundtracks autographed by DJ Qbert, copies of Resident Evil 5 and Super Street Fighter IV, and a Mega Man 9 retro NES game cartridge press kit.

Updates on which number wins which prizes are on Twitter, but as of this writing, there are already 17,462 comments, so no telling if anything will even be left.

Finally, Capcom teases that they’ll be back on the blog in April for a “huge announcement.” We’ll be keeping our eyes peeled.