Capcom Site Says Okami will Support 16:9 and 480p


An IGN Hands-On with the title proves that the game does not actually run in full 16:9 but instead runs in what is being called “quasi” widescreen. There are two thin bars on each side of the screen reducing the overall resolution, “However, it’s worth noting that everything also looks brighter and more vibrant on Nintendo’s system,” IGN said.

Original Story
Capcom’s official website has revealed that the Wii version of Okami will feature 16:9 and 480p resolution which is an improvement over the PS2 version of the game.

Besides the change in control styles, no other details have been announced concerning the differences between the two titles. In previous interviews, Ready at Dawn has stated that the title will be an exact port.

For Okami, being a port is not a problem as the title has the title was well received by critics and has since won various awards for its animation and game engine as well as gameplay. Currently, the title is set for March 25.

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