Capcom Keeps Passing on Bringing Wii Port of Resident Evil Zero to West, Claims No One Wants It

Somewhat unexpectedly, Capcom USA revealed today that it has twice passed on bringing the Wii port of Resident Evil Zero to North America. Apparently, the reason is because Capcom USA feels people here didn’t like the original GameCube release and there’s no interest in a port of it.

On its official forums, a Capcom spokesperson said, “There’s thousands of used copies on Ebay and at Gamestop and given the outcry against the project when Japan announced it on these boards and others, it’s pretty obvious that it’s not wanted by gamers here.”

Personally, I liked Resident Evil Zero. The game has an average of 83% on GameRankings, too, which is more than solid. However, I have no interest in a Wii port of the game — even with the added motion controls — so maybe Capcom USA’s decision is smart, after all.