Capcom Fixing Lost Planet Text

Although the entertainment industry is already plowing head-first into the age of high-definition, the majority of consumers have yet to take the plunge and purchase an HD display. So when thousands of gamers downloaded the Lost Planet multiplayer demo last week and were unable to read the game’s text on their standard-definition TVs, it’s not surprising that they felt alienated by what seemed like a conscious decision of Capcom to tailor their games for HD TV owners—the recently-released Dead Rising forced many a standard-definition owner to squint in frustration, as well. The complaints were primarily focused on the scoreboard text in the game’s online Elimination mode, which was so tiny when viewed on a standard-def television that all but the sharpest eyes had trouble reading it clearly.

Capcom responded to those complaints today, reassuring their fans that the problem would be corrected in the final version. The game has been designed to detect whether it’s being played on an HD or SD TV each time you turn it on, and will adjust the affected text size accordingly if necessary.

Lost Planet is rated T for Teen and is scheduled to ship on January 12, 2007. For more information, check out AMN’s impressions of the game from this year’s TGS.