Capcom Delivering Four Additional Classics to XBLA

Capcom announced four new Xbox Live Arcade games, including Super Street Fighter Turbo HD Remix, Super Puzzle Fighter II HD Remix, Rocketmen: Axis of Evil and Talisman.

Super Street Fighter II Turbo HD Remix is set to feature 1080p High-Def graphics, brand-new game modes, improved game balance, new stage backgrounds and online play via Xbox Live. Available for download this fall season, every shred of art, including character animations and stage backgrounds are being completely re-imagined by Udon Entertainment. Super Street Fighter II Turbo HD Remix will include both online and offline play for up to two players.

Super Puzzle Fighter II Turbo HD Remix brings Capcom’s popular puzzle game into a completely new generation of console gaming. Also available for download this fall, the game will feature many of the same improvements available in Super Street Fighter. Online multiplayer has been confirmed.

“Following in the footsteps of our highly successful Street Fighter II Xbox Live title, these projects represent the beginnings of a much larger ‘Capcom Digital Initiative’ focused around the limitless creativity and community development that can happen with downloadable content models. We’re extremely excited about the ability to address the needs of specific market segments without sacrificing game quality,” said Jack Symon, director, brand marketing, Capcom Entertainment. “We intend to be a major player in this space by using a combination of classic Capcom IP, licensed IP and, in the future, harnessing some of the biggest names in game development to create new classic experiences.”

The final two games include Rocketmen: Axis of Evil and Talisman. Rocketmen, based on the popular “constructible” strategy game by WizKids, is an arcade shooter that will see players joining the heroes of the “Alliance of Free Planets” in the struggle to save the solar systems. Up to four players can join the fray cooperatively as they shoot there way through multiple levels, powering up their weapons and picking up special bonuses every step of the way.

Finally there’s Talisman, based on the Games Workshop’s classic board game. Capcom describes Talisman as being a “quintessential fantasy hybrid board/role-playing game” that will feature support for up to four players, both online and off. The setting takes place in an unnamed fantasy realm and will be represented through a fully-3D map. Players can defeat their enemies using spells and other magical items plus weapons to enhance the experience. Talisman is due out on Xbox Live Arcade this Winter.

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