Capcom Announces MegaMan Star Force 2 for US

In addition to other information revealed at Capcom’s Digital Days comes the word that they are doing what was felt to be an inevitability with the announced release of Ryuusei no Rockman 2 in the US as MegaMan Star Force 2. There will be two versions: Zerker x Saurian (Berserk x Dinosaur) and Zerker x Ninja (Berserk x Shinobi), thankfully removing the need to go to GameStop for a third version.

As before, the game spans two worlds: The real, human world and the virtual reality-like EM Wave World, normally invisible to the human eye, and protagonist Geo Stelar can move from one to the other by combining with the alien Omega-Xis to become MegaMan. The game functions much as its prequels do in the Battle Network series of Game Boy Advance games, but from an over-the-shoulder perspective.

With the DS’ online capabilities, you can exchange Battle Cards with friends, as well as “Brother Band” friend codes that will greatly enhance your power. In addition, by collecting the powers of different “Tribes,” MegaMan can transform into a more powerful “Double Tribe” form, and gaining all three for a “Triple Tribe” transformation enables the “Tribe King” form, seen above. Go it alone, and you’ll instead get a dark “Burai” transformation.

Both versions of MegaMan Star Force 2 will arrive this June at a MSRP of $29.95.