Can PC and PS3 Users Co-Exist in the Same Game? DC Universe Online Devs Aren’t So Sure

Sony Online Entertainment will soon (hopefully) be bringing DC Universe Online to both the PlayStation 3 and PC alike. And while Sony admits that it would be possible for the two versions to be cross-compatible, it seems that these two Universes may have to run parallel, much as console and PC gamers have partaken of their craft over the years.

But it is not for reasons of technical or gameplay nature that the two may be kept apart, but rather, it is a question of whether or not denizens from either side of the barrier between realities could co-exist for very long.

[The certification process] is going to be a consideration, but for me personally, it’s going to be establishing the best experience for the users. And right now the speculation for me is that PS3 players and PC players are kind of different social groups. PC players are used to the anonymity of text chat most of the time, and then once you get to know somebody or are playing with friends that you know, then you go to voice and use Ventrilo or TeamSpeak or something like that. Whereas console players, I think they’re just used to going into voice chat right off the bat. — Senior Producer Wes Yanagi, to MTV Multiplayer

“Or muting voice,” quipped Creative Director Jens Andersen, eliciting laughter from her colleagues.

I also found that console players will just talk smack all the time. While PC players tend to be a little bit more polite because of the social group acceptance and how chatting via voice comes about. — Yanagi

Anderson mentions that another factor to consider is that MMOs may be played in a way unlike what a console player may be used to, jumping into one different match after another and not worrying about what they say to who.

Meanwhile, Yanagi says that it all boils down to what is the best experience for players, regardless of their origin. PC users have their already-established conventions, and introducing a flood of uninitiated console users into the mix could be potentially chaotic.

People have a certain expectation. There hasn’t really been any really, truly cross-platform games like that before so we don’t know what will happen right out of the gate, but definitely, you don’t want disaster to happen. — Yanagi

Clearly, the answer is to orchestrate a Crisis on Infinite Platforms, so that all of these different formats are unified into the One Console Future, wherein we pick the best aspects each has to offer, and mesh them together while pretending the rest never happened.