Calling All Cars! Servers to be Shut Down Following New Year

It appears that online play for David Jaffe’s PlayStation Network game, Calling All Cars!, is about to hit a roadblock.

Citing PSN Stores, GameSpy reports that the game is going to have its online servers shut down on January 14th, 2010, seemingly making it “the first PSN game to have its online capabilities taken out back and shot.”

Those who attempt to play the game online are greeted with the message, “On January 14, 2010 the servers for Calling All Cars will be taken off-line. We would like to thank ya for yar support.”

I have no idea if “yar” is deliberate or not, but in any case, it seems that there were simply not enough people playing to sustain the server’s operation. On the upside, offline play still works, if you really need your CAC fix.