Call of Duty XP Media Event Recap

The proceedings for Call of Duty XP officially kicked off last night, as Activision hosted a media and community night to show off Modern Warfare 3.

The doors opened around six o’clock, and I walked towards the multiplayer tournament, through the green-lit hallway filled with Call of Duty insignias. After socializing with many of the attendees and watching military adviser Hank Keirsey challenge us to hand stands, which none of us could handle, we entered the main concert hall. The hall was packed with seats for the Dropkick Murphys and Kanye West shows that are coming over the next couple of days. After taking our seats, we watched a brief multiplayer video, which was then followed by Activision CEO Eric Hirshberg describing the highly anticipated game features in Modern Warfare 3.

He explained a lot of new features including the new Strike Package classes, the addition of dog tags (for Kill Confirmed), and several other things. From there, Robert Bowling took the stage with a Sledgehammer Games rep, talking up gameplay features and how it has a huge effect on multiplayer.

Eric returned to show off the new footage from the sequel to the web film Kill Makarov, titled Operation Kingfish. For the project, Activision turned to the filmmakers that worked on the original and footed the bill for the production. The film itself is a blast, filled with intense combat missions and a few surprises that I won’t spoil for you (but trust me, they are awesome!). If you’re headed to XP today, you’ll be able to see the film for yourself.

Major Nelson also made an appearance, via video, to show off the new Modern Warfare 3 Xbox 360 console. It comes with a customized system (with load-out MW3 sound effects when you turn it on and open the tray), two wireless controllers, and a copy of the game. He also showed off a new wireless Bluetooth headset, sporting a MW3 logo as well. Both should be available on November 8, the same day Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 launches.

Some details regarding Elite were revealing, including details about Premium Membership, such as access to Elite TV (and a comedic “make fun of” show called Noob Tube), monthly DLC content drops, and expanded video abilities, as well as better clan support. Those looking to purchase the service can expect to dish out $49.99. Included with the Hardened Edition of the game – which we happily received a certificate for when we were picking up our customized Call of Duty shirts, complete with imprinted GamerTags – is a free year of the Elite service.

After taunting us with one last trailer of crazy multiplayer action, Activision let us run loose in the multiplayer section of the floor. The floor is loaded with gameplay stations, and there are plenty of controllers and headsets to go around, so attendees should have no problem getting their hands on the game over the next couple of days. The place is packed with plenty of kiosks, bright lights, and logos. We were particularly fans of the VIP area – and not just because of the open bar, mind you.

Modern Warfare fans are in for a treat when they check out XP – and we’ve only seen a portion of the floor! Be sure to check back for more reports straight from the event, right here at GameZone!