Call of Duty XP: The Second Official Day Recap

Call of Duty XP has come to a close, and despite the fact that too much of the area closed down to highlight the Kanye West concert that started late, we consider it a rousing success. Thousands of fans came out to the Playa Vista area on the event’s second day to see everything that Activision had to offer, including dozens of playable kiosks featuring Modern Warfare 3 multiplayer and Spec Ops, along with other activities. Being the sporty people that we are, we returned to take part.

The people, oh the people!

After getting a Nuketown shirt customized with our GamerTags and a special edition XP patch, we headed over to the Jeep Experience before the line got too long for its own good. After about an hour and a half wait (it was immensely popular), we managed to climb into the Jeep with a stunt driver and take part in a recreation of a military scenario, combat gear included. After riding through a gate and doing a little driving in deep waters and around turns, we found ourselves piling out of the jeep and into a building, where a firefight was recreated using actual Navy SEALs. We managed to escape with our lives (wink) and jump back into a Jeep, where we were taken back to the facility and celebrated with a “Hoo-ah!” This was probably one of the best parts of the event, and a whole lot of fun to boot. Plus, that Jeep has some major traction. We went up a steep hill without any kind of struggle. Ridiculous.

From there, after a quick ride on the zipline, we managed to stop by the Scrapyard to check up on some paintball. Activision went all out to recreate the map for multiplayer fun, though the sting of paintballs could no doubt be felt on all who played. Nevertheless, it was great. And running through The Pit was a blast as well, though we hardly posted the best time out there. (We’re just not that quick on the battlefield – maybe we play too many games, heh.)

Sumo Suits + CoD gear = Ridiculous fun

After a round of juggernaut sumo wrestling (where we got in padded suits and went into “battle” in the clumsiest of fashions), we got hands-on with more Modern Warfare 3 multiplayer, then made a stop at the Modern Warfare 3 photo booth, where we could transpose ourselves onto the cover of the game. (And believe us when we say, yes, it makes it that much more a big deal. We look GOOD.)

After a few more Spec Ops sessions and goofing off at the Mountain Dew Face Paint station (where we got a “dirty” look and messed around with TV talent Carrie Keagan), we stopped by the Treyarch panel to get a better behind-the-scenes look at last year’s mega-hit Black Ops. It turned out to be a very insightful panel, and one that was entertaining to listen to.

Someone should tell this guy his favorite character doesn’t make it

Shortly thereafter, we checked out the Million Dollar Tournament, where comedic actor Nick Swardson and YouTube sensation iJustine hosted the festivities, with UK team Infinity facing off against US team OpTic. In the end, the good ol’ USA prevailed after a few heated matches across Resistance and Search and Destroy. Oh, and kudos to Brandy Miller of the PMS Clan…she won herself a Modern Warfare 3 edition Jeep. Lucky!

Following the tournament, we hung out in the VIP section for a little bit before heading downstairs to the Kanye West concert, which was a downright zoo. Fans everywhere were taping the event like crazy, and when Kanye came out, the place was electric as he rolled through all his new and old songs, including “Gold Digger” and “Power”. After an hour and a half, he closed down his set, and that officially concluded XP 2011.

I ain’t sayin’ she a gold digger

Afterwards, though, we were invited to a post-party at the Beverly, which was ridiculously crazy. Dancing girls everywhere, open bar, and celebrities abound. Kanye actually made an appearance (amid a ton of dancers and bodyguards), along with Activision president Bobby Kotick and Desperate Housewives’ Teri Hatcher. Unfortunately, we weren’t allowed to take pictures, but trust us when we say you had to see it to believe it.

Overall, we feel that XP 2011 was a rousing success. Excessive? Sure, but Activision’s pumping a lot of excitement into Modern Warfare 3, as this event evidently proved. Thanks again to their team for putting up with our shenanigans over the past couple of days as we went through everything, and we look forward to seeing how the game turns out this November. Be sure to check back for a Spec Ops preview shortly!