Call of Duty Black Ops 2 Map Strategies – Express

Call of Duty Black Ops 2 is finally here. As most of you will soon find out, jumping straight into multiplayer without any idea of the maps, weapons and scorestreaks will be difficult. Luckily for you, I’ve been playing the game almost exclusively with countless trial and error to bring you my thoughts and weapon choices for each map. You see, every map is vastly different from one another and you have five different classes to make, so you better make good use of them. I will be going in alphabetical order for the on-disk maps while DLC maps (such as Nuketown 2025) will be last. When the first pack of DLC comes out, I will add to this ever-expanding list.


Map #5 Express

Express takes place in a train station in Los Angeles. It is a very symmetrical map with a good amount of windows for surprise attacks. There is also a train that rolls by and kills anyone on the track so make sure you’re not one of the victims.

This is mainly a medium to long-range map, with lots of upper level windows for snipers to sit or long-range assault rifle players. A lot of the gunfights take place from these windows so when you see one be careful. The windows take place on the bottom of the map you see above, with one being in the very bottom-middle section and the other two being on the bottom left and bottom right with that big hallway connecting to them.

The top part of the map is more of the train platform, where the close-range action takes place. Don’t take your long-range weapon in this area if you enjoy winning. Remember to tread carefully around the windowed areas of the map because if you’re not careful, you’ll die quickly.

Weapon Recommendation

This map is all about long-range weapons so use yours of choice. For this map I went away from the Type 25 for a more accurate semi-automatic weapon, the FAL OSW. I was able to take out players from a distance with ease and hit them when they hid in the corners of the windows. I also put an ACOG scope on it to help with the distanced accuracy and a fore grip to make it even more unfair for my opposition. Try it out in this map, you wont be disappointed.

Express Gameplay

Pick 10

PrimaryFAL OSW

————Attachments – ACOG Scope, Fore Grip

Secondary – None

Perk 1 – Blind Eye, Hardline

Perk 2 – Cold Blooded

Perk 3 – Dead Silence

Lethal – Bouncing Betty

Tactical – Shock Charge

Wildcard – Perk 1 Greed


My favorite Scorestreaks for Express Include:

Dragonfire – Kill the camping enemies from the comfort of your flying machine of death

UAV – See where everyone is

Care Package – Hope for the best killstreaks in the game

Hunter Killer – Throw this in the direction of enemies for an instant kill

Lightning Strike – Select each window from the map above and hope people are there

Express Window

Overall Thoughts

I like express, although it’s not one of my favorite maps in the game. The train running people over is funny and I like the symmetrical layout of the map, but the window enemies get very annoying after a while. You constantly have to look into the windows before crossing sections of the map. Even still, Express is a fun map and adds to the overall excellent quality of the maps in Call of Duty: Black Ops 2.

What do you think of Express? Did you find similar playstyles to mine helpful? What are your strategies for Express? Let me know in the comments below.

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