Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare’s multiplayer sure looks a lot like Titanfall

Well, it's official: Call of Duty has become Titanfall. Boost jump and all.

Activision today unveiled Advanced Warfare's multiplayer and, well, it's clear developer Sledgehammer Games was inspired by what they saw in Respawn Entertainment's Titanfall.

It all starts with the exoskeleton suit, which basically turns your soldier into a pilot from Titanfall. It offers you all sorts of "exo movement" capabilities like boost jump, boost dodge, and boost dash — really quick maneuvers that Sledgehammer says will make gameplay more tactical and "even more fun." Now, I'll reserve my judgement until I actually go hands-on with multiplayer, but the gameplay just seemed completely chaotic. Call of Duty's multiplayer has always been fast-paced, but this seemed ridiculously fast and unorganized. People were literally just boost jumping all over the screen. Can you imagine how chaotic this type of movement will be with the Call of Duty community? Boost jumping everywhere! 

And then there's "exo abilities," which are essentially special abilities like cloak, hover, launcher and all sorts of futuristic gadgets that are supposedly based on real-life technology. I feel like Sledgehammer has tried so hard to go futuristic that they forgot what makes Call of Duty fun. 

There's no doubt that Titanfall's movement was revolutionary, but what I saw with Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare just seems like a complete clone. Might as well rename Advanced Warfare to "TitanCall" because that's what this series has become.

I miss the days of a more grounded Call of Duty multiplayer. If I wanted to fight like a mech, I'd play Titanfall.

Note: Activision is continuing to unveil new features of multiplayer, but these are my initial impressions upon viewing the trailer. Check back later for my full thoughts.