Burnout Paradise Arrives Next January

EA announced today that Burnout Paradise will hit store shelves January 22nd, 2008 for PS3 and Xbox 360. Check out what EA has to say about the game below.

“Developed by EA Criterion, Burnout Paradise looks to redefine the open world experience with Paradise City, a newly designed playground filled with the most exciting jumps, gripping races and unrivalled excitement at every intersection.”

“Players will have total freedom to explore and discover the world at their leisure, just pull up to any stoplight and spin your wheels to enter five high speed action challenges. Slam, shunt and wreck rivals in these cross-town driving challenges, where players decide the fastest route to the finish line.”

Creative Director at EA Criterion, Alex Ward says, “The Burnout series has always been about reinvention. Burnout Paradise does exactly that. This is the definitive Burnout experience because Paradise removes all restrictions, breaks all the rules and puts the control in your hands. We’re taking risks with Paradise but we believe that every iteration of Burnout stands on its own and we feel Paradise is the best Burnout yet.”

If by reinvention, you mean more knocking other cars off the road, then we agree. Not that that’s a bad thing.

EA also revealed a demo of Burnout Paradise will be arriving sometime in December, so keep watch for it. Hit the link for the full press release. AMN will keep you updated.