Bungie Set to Fix Flaws in Halo 3’s Melee System

For Halo players, head to head melee battles are a double-edged sword. Even though it may appear that you were the first player to strike the butt of your gun into your opponent’s cranium, you would find your lifeless corpse lying on the floor a mere second later. The reason being is because of certain privileges that are given the player with the better connection (a.k.a. the host).

“[I]n the event of two clients attacking simultaneously, the one with lower latency to the host would appear to have attacked first, and would be the winner,” posted Bungie on their official site. “In a peer-to-peer environment with latency, it is nigh impossible to determine exactly who attacked first.”

Luckily for you, Bungie is out to set things right with a game patch that is in the final stages certification and should be ready for consumption later this month.

“For those of you uninterested in the precise details, the upshot is this: if you close for a melee attack and are at a clear advantage (or disadvantage), the outcome will be clear. If the outcome is unclear, too close to call, you will likely trade kills with your victim. But you should no longer watch your opponent saunter away for no clear reason.”

This patch is also set to fix other aspects of Halo 3’s multiplayer which you can read up on over at Bungie’s Official site.