Bungie Reveals “Cold Storage” Multiplayer Map for Halo 3

Those who chose to attend the recent Major League of Gaming event in San Diego received a special treat, courtesy of special guests from Bungie, Shishka and Lukems.

If you thought the whole Halo 3 wagon had staggered to a halt in favor of Halo Wars, well, you’ve got another thing coming: A new downloadable multiplayer map!

Called “Cold Storage,” the sneak peek provided at the event showed the back room of what seemed to be a Cold Stone Creamery, showing off Bungie’s recent partnership with the company. Additionally, the map resembles one from the original Halo, known as “Chill Out,” though it’s unknown which elements will carry over and how, as Bungie has not yet “formally” announced this map, even though it was in front of a room packed with spectators. Go figure.