Bungie: FPS Perception Changing in Japan

Japan doesn’t like first-person-shooters, and it also doesn’t like the Xbox 360. Two very important factors that could have a massive impact on the success of Microsoft’s biggest game when it launches on September 27.

Jonty Barnes and Jay Weinland of Halo developer Bungie Studios spoke with Next-Gen on what steps were being be taken to give the game an extra push overseas. “I think that we recognize at Bungie, while we have a very intimate understanding of our community in North America and across Europe, I think we have got some work to do for our friends in Japan, to really improve both their understanding of the game,” Barnes said. “We also would like to know what the Japanese public would really like and have them help build our community.”

“One of the reasons we’re here is we’re actually meeting with people and talking about what they’re excited about in Halo, what they know about the game and what we can do for our friends here to improve that situation,” he explained. “One of the great examples is that people would really love to see a Japanese version of Bungie.net, to let people get close to the developers of the game and to see all the content in Japanese.”

Speaking on the lack of interest the FPS genre has seen in Japan, Weinland said, “I think that first-person shooters are up and coming in Japan in general, not just a game like Halo. I think that the perception that [FPSes are unpopular in Japan] is changing a bit, judging by the press that we’ve been talking to. We’d love to have Japanese gamers think more about our game than they have in the past.”

“To get a great understanding of the culture of Japan, which is the home of computer gaming, we’d love to be able to work with people in Japan and really appeal to the gamers over here. It’s an education on both sides, bringing Halo 3 over here,” Barnes concluded.

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