British Head to France to Snap up Wiis

Fancy getting a Wii in the UK? While most would say you are totally screwed – the Wii can’t be found anywhere in the Isles right now – some clever shoppers have been heading across the channel and purchasing Nintendo consoles in France.

Currently, Wiis are going for over £1,000 on ebay in the UK, which is over $2,000. However, just across the English Channel in France, the Wii can be grabbed for £150, a price at which society won’t judge your sanity.

While previously the British only headed over to France to export beer and cigarettes, it seems the Wii has been added to the “must take” list while on the continent. Shops in Calais are reportedly limiting customers to just one console per visit. described the situation by saying: “English interest is phenomenal.” Understatement of the week?