Bravely Default Cheats: How to power level your party early

Bravely Default will soon be out, and that means you'll get to experience what is easily the best JRPG experience on the 3DS to date. While the game allows for some experimentation on Party composition, battle styles, as well as battle mechanic manipulation, there are some sweet tricks to help you out early on.

The fastest way to power level early on in the game will be with the Monk profession. That means you have to reach the very first Boss fight of the game where you first acquire the Monk and White Mage Jobs. Once you have the Monk, you can let the power leveling begin.

First, let me explain why the Monk is one of the best solutions for power leveling. Aside from being the first damage dealing class, it's also extremely high DPS and best of all, it does the most damage when not holding any weapons. Which makes it ideal for leveling for quite a while, since you will never have to worry about constantly upgrading your weapon. However, there are a few Knuckle weapons that you should definitely invest in, most notably the ones you can buy from restoring Norende.

Steps to power leveling your Character and Job:

  1. First acquire the Monk Job by beating the first Boss encounter
  2. Equip three of your four characters with the Monk Job, and keep one of them a White Mage to heal up your party from time to time
  3. Always Optimize your equipment loadout. Optimizing will automatically equip or unequip items that are necessary for your class. In this case it will just automatically unequip all of your Monks' weapons
  4. Go to the Menu Screen > Tactics > Config > Difficulty > Encounter Rate and set it to +100%. This will ensure you'll be attacked every few steps
  5. Start roaming the World Map and get into a battle
  6. Brave four times with each Monk in your party, and then Default with the White Mage (you'll most likely win in one turn)
  7. Roam some more and get into another battle and press Y. This will now set your battles to Auto, and it will reuse the same tactics from the previous turn/battle
  8. Now just move around the World Map, Dungeon or any other monster filled location and watch your party decimate monsters and rake up the EXP
  9. Remember to heal up if you take some damage during any encounter when you're out of battle

You can utilize this technique for a good portion of the game as the Monk still surpasses my other classes in DPS.

This technique is also pretty handy to level up another character's job, since having two Monks in a party can usually dispatch a good number of enemies.