Borderlands 2 Class Breakdown: Axton the Commando

Daily breakdown of each class in Borderlands 2 – Axton the Commando

Borderlands 2 is a unique experience, and the class you pick at the beginning of the game is a big part of that. Each class suits a different play style and picking the right one is key for your domination of Pandora. Today, I cover the Commando class; the class I enjoyed the least.

The main reason I didn’t enjoy the Commando class started in the first Borderlands, when I chose Roland – AKA the Soldier with the turret. I was never quite satisfied with the skill when I saw the other cool abilities the other characters had. Enter Borderlands 2 where Axton, in the now renamed Commando role, has a very similar turret that pretty much does the same thing as the original. Of course there are different skill trees that make the turret do different things as the original, but it never differs too much.


As the Commando class sounds, there is a primary focus on assault rifles and other guns. Guns are your friends, and picking the right skill tree to start off in is essential early in the game. Remember, you can always re-spec your character later in the game. When you hit level 5, you unlock the Sabre Turret (Deploy a turret that auto fires at enemies. You can also pick up the turret if you’re near it in order to lower its cooldown. The full cooldown last for 42 seconds.) I found myself using this when multiple enemies would attack at once or when an intimidating opponent or boss wanted to throw down.

Axton Skill Tree

Skill trees are critical in Borderlands 2 as you need to have a full one to get the best upgrade. I started off in the Survival tree with Healthy (increases your maximum health.) I didn’t see the need to continue in the Survival tree so I moved on to the Gunpowder tree. More specifically, I put a lot of points into Impact (increases gun and melee damage.) This seemed like a good idea since your character does focus on guns and other ways to kill enemies. As a big assault rifle fan, I moved right along to Overload (increases assault rifle magazine size.) The more ammo you can carry equals the more dead bodies you can pile up. For the third tier, I split up my 5 points into all three skills. I put 2 into Steady (reduces recoil with all guns, add rocket launcher and grenade damage,) 1 point into Longbow Turret (allows you to place Sabre Turret much further away and increases its health,) and 2 points into Battlefront (increases your damage while your turret is deployed.) All three of these skills seemed necessary, as I couldn’t pick just one.

I then switched skill trees to Guerilla in order to charge up my weak turret. Sentry (increases the number of shots fired per burst and increases the duration) was a nice way to fix it. I then went to Laser Sight (increases the turrets accuracy) making my turret a much better weapon. I then went back into the Gunpowder tree with Duty Calls (increases damage and fire rate with non-environmental weapons,) Ranger (makes you better in almost every stat,) and Nuke (sets off a small nuke when you deploy the turret.)

Small CommandoThe Commando is a very serviceable class in single player and co-op gameplay. There isn’t a big difference between what skills you pick depending on how many people you play with, which means focusing on how you play is the most important part of the skill tree. If you like playing with assault rifles, this class is for you, even if the turret is arguably the worst action skill in the game.

This is part four of a five part series. The Assassin can be found here, the Siren can be found here, and the Gunzerker can be found here. The Mechromancer will hopefully be ready next week.

What do you think about the Commando class? Did you build it the same way I did mine? Let me know in the comments below.

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