Boom Blox Sales Nearing 500K

It’s been well known that third-party titles don’t perform specifically well on Nintendo platforms, and Wii isn’t performing any better for them. Every month we report more and more grim news surrounding the horrendous sales of third-party Wii games. Finally, we have a beacon of new hope coming from EA and Boom Blox. After a slow launch month, it appears that the joint effort from EA and Spielberg has paid off.

During an investor meeting earlier today, EA revealed that Boom Blox has sold over 450,000 copies since launch in May. Thanks to such moderate sales numbers, EA CFO Eric Brown said the title has met the publisher’s expectations. Whether or not these sales numbers only represent North America isn’t known. Boom Blox saw release in Europe several days after the title launched in North America, with Japan receiving the title at the beginning of this month.

Even after declaring success on a publisher standpoint, Electronic Arts CEO John Riccitiello added that the title “continues to sell well.”

Not bad for a title with little to no marketing going for it.