Bomberman Live

Bomberman Live

Its cost: 800 points

With the release of Bomberman Act Zero, the gaming community all but put the headstone on the grave for the venerable mascot. A dismal showing, at best, tarnished aging gameplay with a “techno-hip” coat of paint. However, it was inevitable that Bomberman would return again but thinking so would make a person cringe. After that debacle, Hudson took a step back and heard the plea from the fans; they wanted the old Bomberman back. The Xbox Live Marketplace was just the place of such a return.

Bomberman Live takes the series back to what it does the best, the multiplayer. It also goes back to the game’s roots as a cutesy mascot with a serious penchant for explosives. The game boards are just as self-explanatory as ever before. You break the blocks using the bombs at your disposal. As you clear the board, you’ll pick up power-ups and, if you aren’t careful, down-grades to your explosives and movements abilities. Most of the fun involves trying to trap the other colored bombers in a chain reaction they cannot escape.

Multiplayer is the only mode available to you. You and some friends can either play locally on the same Xbox or across Xbox Live, the game is set up around this and joining and leaving games is surprisingly simple. Lag stays at a minimum but signal bars are there to watch how the connections between players if things get dicey. Gameplay always keeps it manic pace as you out think other players while the time clicks down. Up to 8 players can login and try and blast each other to smithereens.

What makes this version of Bomberman so endearing is the customizable options to “dress up” your character. As you play more matches, you have the opportunity to unlock different costume pieces to show your friends or on Xbox Live. Not only does this add another level of replayability, they are just as fun to unlock as the achievement points.

800 points of a brand-new, yet “classic formula” Bomberman game might seem like a lot of currency to spend but this is truly a classic entry to the series. It might not be for everyone but for those that have been hankering for some old school style bombing, this is the ticket.