BloodRayne 2 Soaks Store-shelves

A sequel to its 2002 action series, it is time for BloodRayne 2 to be released on store shelves for the Xbox gaming module.

In addition to its release, a launch event will be on MTV2’s Headbangers Ball at the House of Blues in Los Angeles on October 21.

“Since its original introduction in October 2002, BloodRayne has established itself as a cross-over entertainment property that enjoys the support of a loyal fan base,” said Ken Gold, vice president of Marketing. “With enhanced game-play mechanics, graphics and engaging on-screen action, we anticipate that BloodRayne 2 will not only please current fans, but appeal toconsumers new to the game as well.”

More information will be provided on PC sites for the PC version, in which will release next year. The suggested retail price will be around $49.99 USDs. Be sure to take a bite of XA’s preview coverage. A review will be up as it becomes available.