BioWare Working On PS3 Projects

In an interview with Nowgamer, co-founder of BioWare Dr. Ray Muzyka was asked whether or not Mass Effect will ever hit the PS3. Surprisingly, Muzyka had this to say, “All we’ve ever said when we’ve been asked about Mass Effect, is that we’ve launched it on 360 and PC. But PS3 for Dragon Age was exceptionally fun to do, and I can tell you we’re working on more unannounced PS3 projects right now.”

Later on in the interview, Muzyka did admit that despite the glitches and bugs in the PS3 version of Dragon Age, they enjoyed working on it.

For Dragon Age it was interesting – even though we have more experience as a studio working on 360, the typical assessment was that most of the review scores were a little bit higher on PS3. The PS3 seems to be favourite among many Dragon Age fans. It represents advantages over 360, and 360 represents advantages over PS3 in some ways. We obviously have a great amount of affection for 360 and we’re going to continue to develop for on that. I think Mass Effect 2 demonstrates you can still push the envelope even further on 360 and we’re excited about the future of that platform – and PS3 for that matter. They’re both good platforms at the end of the day.

More information or even an announcement of this PS3 endeavor would be nice, but I wouldn’t hold your breath. Most likely we will hear more about this project at E3, so until then we will be sure to keep you posted.