Bioware Talks DS Development

Bioware, the development company behind wildly popular titles such as Neverwinter Nights and Mass Effect, surprised the gaming community when they announced that they would be developing a title exclusively for the Nintendo DS. Not only would it be the first time the company would develop on a Nintendo platform, but it would also mark the company’s first handheld title as well.

Speaking to Flame War Advance, Bioware Handheld Game Group Project Director Dan Tudge spoke on the upcoming project for the Nintendo DS.

The company has been looking to break into handheld development for some time now, simply waiting for the right technology to present itself. According to Tudge, the Nintendo DS’s capabilities are better suited to the innovation and creativity that the company prides itself on. When asked if they are planning anything for the PSP, he claimed that “We may decide to develop something for the PSP down the road, but for now we’re quite excited about what we’ve got planned for the DS.”

Apparently, the shifting of major franchises to the DS and the lower development costs on the handheld didn’t have much of an influence on the company’s decision to develop for the system. “We’ve got a long and successful history of making great games on both PC and console, so I don’t see us putting any less of a focus on those platforms.”

Unfortunately, Tudge gave next to no details the actual game currently in development for the DS. He did comment that the game would be very story driven, which is expected considering Bioware’s track record of deep and engrossing storylines. “…We are pushing the DS hardware to levels people have never seen. We have an extremely experienced team of BioWare and industry veterans working hard on squeezing everything we can out of the DS.”

Stay tuned to AMN DS as more information becomes available on this highly anticipated title for the Nintendo DS.