BioWare Co-Founder Talks Mass Effect Development

One of the BioWare co-founders spoke with Team Xbox yesterday about Mass Effect and explained how their team plays their game thoroughly before releasing it.

“I think that’s one of the funny things that you wonder sometimes if companies say, “Okay, the features are all done,” then, zoom, it’s out the door,” Greg Zeschuk said. “But, really, it’s about playing what you’ve created, and I think that’s actually, a lot of times, when we do our best work, when we have the game fully playable and you start playing, saying “This could use some tweaking here and maybe a little bit of strengthening.”

During the interview, Zeschuk said that Microsoft understands the quality needed to make a great game and that BioWare knows they have a quality title. He continues, saying that Mass Effect offers a unique gameplay experience that has never been created before.

“I think that’s one exciting thing about the game is, it really throws a lot of surprises at you,” Zeschuk said. “I don’t mean big, giant twists or anything like that, but you just don’t know what’s going to happen next. I think that completes the really exciting experience.”

Finally, Zeschuk explained how Mass Effect offers action as well as interactivity and tactical RPG mechanics. He says he is proud of the game and that he believes it will expand Bioware’s audience beyond the PC gamers that have cultivated around Bulder’s Gate and Knights of the Old Republic..

“It’ll be interesting. Every way you play it is totally different—if you play an Adept or a Soldier, it’s completely different. It’s really hard to emphasize that. You just have to try it…you’ll be amazed.”