Bioshock Submerges This Summer

Perhaps one of the most-wanted Xbox 360 games of 2007, Irrational Games’ Bioshock has been drawing looks since it was showed at last year’s E3. Considered the spiritual successor to the System Shock series, which has been comatose for nearly eight years, the open-ended first-person shooter is perhaps one of the most highly anticipated Xbox 360 games of 2007, and it seems gamers will get the chance to explore the collapsed underwater society of Rapture this summer.

A couple weeks ago, a post was made on the official forums of Through the Looking Glass, a site dedicated to the now-defunct game developer Looking Glass Studios and its offshoot, Irrational Games, revealing a June release for Bioshock. The poster, who goes by the name “2k Elizabeth,” also sported a 2k Games tag below her forum handle. Indeed, EBgames now lists a June 1 ship date for both the Xbox 360 and Windows versions of the game, and 1up reports that 2k Games has confirmed the early summer release.

Bioshock places players in the remnants of the underwater city of Rapture, a secluded self-sufficient world created by a free-thinking Soviet in the 1940s who envisioned a paradise where the best specimens of mankind could live apart from the world and make limitless achievements without interference. The player must explore the ruins of the massive city and discover what led to its horrific demise just decades after its creation.

For more information on Bioshock, check out AMN’s impressions of the game from last year’s X06 event.