Bioshock Special Edition Possible

Petitions dont work. That’s the general consensus among the gaming community as far as trying to influence game developers and publishers. 2K Games is taking exception to that unwritten rule however, and is giving fans the chance to have a direct impact on their retail strategy for the game.

In a recent update on the official BioShock website, Elizabeth Tobey of 2K Games revealed that fans anxious for a special edition of Bioshock would get one if they could scrounge together 5000 people to sign a petition.

“I’ve had quite a few people ask me if there will be a BioShock collector’s edition. Then, today, an enterprising fan made a petition asking 2K to make one. So I talked with some people who were older and wiser than me, and pled the case of the fans. And if we get 5000 signatures on this petition, I have gotten word that they’ll make a limited edition of BioShock.

So what do you say? Think we can do it? Think we can get 5000 signatures?

I think we can.”

5000 names is not a lot of people, and considering that many publishers have ignored petitions with hundreds of thousands of signatures, this is quite a generous move on 2K Games’ part. Chances are that if the petition does reach 5000 names, the resulting special edition of Bioshock will only be available in short supply.

So add your vote and reserve your special edition of Bioshock now!