BioShock DLC Coming This Week

BioShock will be receiving both a patch and DLC this week on the PC and Xbox 360 but exactly what is in the DLC is unknown.

Set for this week the update will provide fixes for bugs as well as new content and while many have speculated that the content will include new plasmids and gene tonics 2K games has yet to reveal what they have planned.

Ken Levine of 2K games hinted previously that a few plasmids did not make the cut in the original game so it is likely the speculation is correct. As for an update to the story, he previously stated that he did not know how far he could go with it in DLC.

BioShock’s official site will be home to the latest updates on the patch including a full list of fixes and content when the update is released. Until then, keep an eye on the site and here for the latest news on BioShock.