Bioshock Achievements Laid Out

Can you not get enough of achievements on your Xbox 360? Did you seriously rent Bomberman: Act Zero just to edge out your buddy’s Gamer-
score? Does that innocuous little G haunt your dreams and make every waking moment of your life a twisted shadow of the life you used to enjoy?

Well then get ready to hoot ‘n holler, because the achievements for Irrational’s highly anticipated Bioshock have been revealed! A total of 50 achievements will ship with the game totalling 1000 points. While the game’s mini-milestones are for the most part fairly pedestrian, each is accompanied with an interesting piece of 50s style artwork in the Bioshock flavor. How can you not love the anthropomorphic bullet? He’s got a bowtie.

Bioshock ships in August, and you won’t have to feel horribly, horribly embarrassed about picking it up.