Best Skyrim Mods: Roleplay as Your Favorite Character

Skyrim is an amazing game; everybody knows that.  But wouldn't it be better if you could play as characters from other games and movies?  Damn right it would!  Why would you play as a regular, old Dragonborn when you could play as Link the Dragonborn?  And so, here are some awesome mods that allow you to look like some of your favorite characters.

Thieves Guild Armor Retexture Assassins Creed Skyrim Mod

Assassin's Creed armor Skyrim mod

Put that sneaking skill to some real use and roleplay as an assassin, like Altair or Ezio.  This is a wonderful retexture of the Thieves Guild Armor that makes you look like you're from Assassin's Creed.  Think about this, you can roleplay as Ezio with Conjuration powers.  Imagine the fun stories you can share with your friends!  Imagine the fan fiction that could be written.  I used to be an assassin, then I took an arrow in the knee.


Link's Sword, Shield, and Armor Skyrim Mod

Link's sword, shield, armor Skyrim Mod

Link's Armor Skyrim Mod

Look at that shield!  So pretty.  The Master sword is a retextured steel sword; the Hyrule Shield is a retextured Imperial Shield; and Link's Armor is retextured Thieves Guild Armor.  Just imagine that Skyrim is the Christopher Nolan version of Hyrule–dark and gritty.  I used to rescue the princess and play an Ocarina, then I took an arrow in the knee.


Spartan Armor Skyrim Mod

300 Retexture Skyrim Mod

THIS.  IS.  SKYRIM!!!  Roleplay as Leonitas.  Roleplay as the wierd hunchback Spartan that betrayed Sparta to Xerxes.  Run bare-chested through the snowy mountains of Skyrim.  It is retextured Imperial Armor in game, and the shield is a recolored Ysgramor's shield.  I used to do acrobatic kills in slow motion, then I took an arrow in the knee.