Best games to play on your phone if you like Puzzle and Dragons

For almost a year, I've been obsessed with Puzzle and Dragons. It consumes my every waking moment. Whenever I have stamina, I get on and use all of it. Gotta get that Red Odin, amirite? Seriously, I've even dropped money into that game. When I'm out of stamina, my addiction has carried over into similar that I now play. Maybe it all started with my obsession with Bejeweled — matching games are a slippery slope.

If you're looking for other mobile games to fill the downtime in your life when your out of stamina in Puzzle and Dragons, here are my recommendations…

Brave Frontier

brave frontier

It has the same element circle of life as Puzzle and Dragons and you collect fighters, but Brave Frontier stands on its own as an addictive mobile game. Combat is turn-based and consists on you tapping on one of your characters to send them to attack. Timing is everything, because if your characters attack at the same time they do more damage and yield better results. You also have abilities to use. The best part is the sprite characters and the art style.

Marvel Puzzle Quest

marvel puzzle quest

Are you a fan of Marvel? If you are, this is pretty much a no-brainer. It's more of your traditional match-3 game, but each color on the board represents an attack from one of your Marvel characters — which you collect more of and level up as the game goes on. Characters have special attacks that also level up as you take on classic Marvel enemies while the story plays out. Again, it's another addictive game with solid collecting elements, strategy and gameplay.



I played this one on Steam, but when it came out on iOS, I just had to get it. 10000000 is a dungeon crawling RPG matching game where you run through a dungeon and don't escape until you reach the amount of points it says in the title. You're not going to be able to reach that total for a while. Every time you run the dungeon, you'll collect gold that you'll use to upgrade how much damage different tile matches do, give you more armor, and other upgrades that'll help you reach your goal. Very addicting… notice a trend here?

Triple Town

triple town

In Triple Town, you're trying to grow the greatest city possible by matching three or more game piece — three grasses make a bush, three bushes make a tree, and so on. All the while, bears will wander around and block your progress; trap them into an area and they'll make a cemetery that'll also combine into other structures. There's not the RPG element to Triple Town, but it's a good, strategic matching game that you can play in short spurts.

Frozen Free Fall

frozen free fall

If your kids love Frozen — they're kids… of course they do — download this game. It'll keep them behaving. It's like Candy Crush but Frozen. That sells itself, doesn't it?

Disney Tsum Tsum

disney tsum tsum

This adorable matching game has you matching cute Disney plushies — the higher the match, the more points. It's adorable, and you can collect the plushies of different Disney characters. It's a time-killer, and an adorable one at that.

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