Best Games of 2015: Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate

Deep and challenging, yet a great starting point for newcomers

The Monster Hunter series can be classified as niche, at least somewhat here in the States. It's not only difficult to get into for newcomers, the games are very challenging, pushing players to their strategic limits when trying to take down gigantic beasts.

Capcom managed to buck this trend with Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate though, which happened to be the most inviting game of the series, while still retaining its hardcore gameplay elements.

Like in previous Monster Hunters, you create your character and join a settlement that will have you undertaking various missions. Whether it's collecting materials or resources, or taking down some of the game's wildlife, there is plenty to do and see. The game eases you into its mechanics now better than ever, giving newcomers exactly the right amount of info to feel comfortable, and just enough training to feel well equipped when going up against the game's large roster of monsters.

The game also supports local and online gameplay, which makes the act of taking down a Congalala or Rathalos that much more fun. Take it from me, I've stayed in the office way past our hours with a few buddies as we took on mission after mission, and had an absolute blast.

Capcom made a really wise decision by introducing a steady flow of free DLC every month, which included everything from new quests to undertake, new weapons and gear to equip, and even new Felyne companions to bring along with you.

If you own a 3DS and looking for quite the time sink that will not only challenge you with its steadily increasing difficulty but also fill you with immense satisfaction upon felling a large monster, you should look no further than Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate.

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