Best Buy Canada Offering inFAMOUS for $30 and More

When it comes to big sales, great deals, and cool preorders, it is not at all uncommon for Canada to get the shaft. Fortunately, however, it seems that Best Buy is seeking to remedy that this Summer with quite a few good deals for those who are interested in them.

Perhaps the most noteworthy of the lot is the recently-released PlayStation 3 title inFAMOUS, which sees a $40 reduction to just $29.99 from June 30th to July 2nd. If I were a PlayStation 3 owner, I’d definitely look into that.

And it would be tempting to remedy that the week before, if I had the cash to spare. June 26th to 29th has the 80GB PS3 for $399.99, and it comes with two free games, which in the ad appear to be Resistance and Metal Gear Solid 4, two of the Greatest Hits collection. No telling if other Greatest Hits are instead applicable, for those wondering.

Speaking of Resistance, the PSP title Resistance: Retribution is available June 23rd to 25th for $25 off, bringing the price down to $14.99. Or, you can save $10 on Patapon 2, and get that for $9.99.

Nintendo isn’t being left out; in fact, they’re the first ones up, as June 19th to 22nd will allow those who pick up a Wii to also get Mario Kart Wii for free.

The PlayStation 3 bundle deal is being matched by the Xbox 360 from July 3rd to 6th, which will offer the 60GB Pro console for $299.99 with two free games, those being Prince of Persia and Too Human.

July 7th to 9th is rather unspecific, where you can save $100 on Guitar Hero World Tour, netting the whole band for $99.99. But for what system? It doesn’t say; perhaps all of them.

July 14th to 16th brings in the odd deal out for Xbox 360: Buy a Wireless Network Adaptor for $99.99, and get a free Xbox 360 wireless controller thrown in.

And finally, you didn’t think this would go by without the Nintendo DS being involved, did you? Purchase “any DS console” (it makes no mention of whether or not the DSi counts; I would guess not) from July 10th to 13th, and you’ll get two free games with the $139.99 purchase. Those pictured, however, are Brain Age 2 and CrossworDS.

You can find the full ad and accompanying calendar at The Gamer Access.