Battlefield 4 Class Guide: Support

Battlefield 4’s Support Class is a natural evolution of BF3’s, adding some extra explosive oomph in the form of the XM25 Airburst Gadget and more customization in how you can play. This guide will go into each category of the Support Class loadout, provide some recommendations, and explore best practices for teamwork using this class.

The Guns

BF4 Support LMG

Support Class rocks Light Machine Guns, or LMGs. As a rule, these tend to offer massive clip sizes for throwing lots of bullets downrange and suppressing the enemy. They come standard with a bipod, and if you can get them propped up on a piece of cover, a bipodded LMG is one of the most nightmarishly powerful weapons in the game. That said, LMGs trade their bullet-hose benefits for a general lack of accuracy against other weapons, and setting up a bipod can be pretty glitchy. A lot of these guns spray bullets everywhere, and especially with the starter LMGs you might find yourself frustrated because you can’t hit anything.

There are ways to alleviate that though, so for my LMG recommendation I’m going with the LSAT with a 3.4x scope, Laser Sight, Heavy Barrel, and Angled Grip. The result is a gun that’s actually pretty accurate and deadly when used in short, controlled bursts. Many players have also recommended the M249, which is unlocked through the campaign. You won’t get the same accuracy with that gun, but it does offer a hefty, 200-round clip. If you just don’t like LMGs at all, you can also unlock Carbines, DMRs, and Shotguns that can be used across any class.

The Gadgets

BF4 Airburst

Ammo Box or go home! Seriously, if you aren’t using a gadget slot to provide your teammates with ammo, then you’re just not a team player. That, and you can get a ton of points just by resupplying your friends in a hotspot.

Beyond that I recommend the XM25 Airburst or C4 Explosive. The Airburst is a new addition to BF, and it packs a serious punch in the right circumstances. Think of it as a baby rocket launcher designed to take on infantry and you have the right idea. It works wonders for clearing out enemies from behind cover or in crowded choke points. While Airburst shots barely register against tanks, you can do some decent damage if you hit a helicopter with them.

C4 is great as well, as it allows you to take out vehicles without switching to an Engineer, or to simply blow big holes in things. My recommendation? Go for the Airburst if you want to be a decimator of infantry, or go with C4 if you want more versatility.

Beyond that, I have some issues with the other gadgets available. Claymore is useful, but only situationally. The Mortar seems to be about as useful as raining peanuts from the sky. Lastly, the MP-APS, while a unique and interesting addition that deflects incoming rockets, requires you to stand or park your vehicle right on top of it to get the benefits.

The Field Upgrade

Battlefield 4

You’ll want to go with either the Indirect Fire or Perimeter Defense Field Upgrade if you’re playing Support Class. My preference is Indirect Fire for offering an Ammo Box buff at Level 1. Level 3 provides extra XM25 Airburst ammo as well. However, players who enjoy the suppressive, bullet-hose properties of the LMGs may want to go for Perimeter Defense, as it offers more bullets and a buff to suppression.

Recommended Strategies and Teamwork

BF4 Teamwork and Classes

Support Class isn’t always a leader, but is often a follower. Keep close to your squad and provide ammo when needed, let your squadmates advance ahead to weed out the enemies, and then clean up from midrange.

Better players may opt to play Support in a more aggressive role, and that works as well, especially with the LMG’s bottomless clip sizes. Having an Assault player in a medic role is invaluable in this scenario, since the crazy kick and bullet spray of Support Class weapons can be less than ideal in close quarters or intense battles.

If you’re using an Airburst, remember that you can fire just over a cover spot while aiming down the sights and the explosive will detonate right over your enemy’s head. Basically, if an enemy takes cover to hide from you, make them pay.

Lastly, if you’re using C4, unless you’re absolutely sure you’ll blow up that tank without dying you should be a martyr rather than a hero. Run in, plant the C4, and take yourself, the tank, and all its passengers down with it. It’s the right thing to do.

Overall, Support is an excellent class that’s a blast to play. They can be helpful and deadly in equal measure. Still, more than any of the other classes I think Support starts you out in a bad spot. So barrel through unlocking the initial guns until you get a decent one and realize that it will get better — a lot better. It’s my class of choice for good reason.

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