Battle Engine Aquila

Fast Safe Landings
Land quickly and efficiently without using retros or taking too much damage simply by aiming Aquila’s nose straight down and “flying” into the ground. Once Aquila is touching the ground in Jet Mode, it will force stall and change into Walker Mode once more (or you can change form manually).

God Mode
To enable God Mode, begin a game with the name B4K42. Hit pause during gameplay to find the selection for God Mode, and toggle it on/off.

Unlock all Stages
To unlock all of the stages in Campaign Mode, begin a game with the name !EVAH!

Unlock Gallery
To unlock everything in the gallery, begin a new game with the name 105770Y2.

Combining Codes
You can combine two or more of the codes below into one long string of commands (without spaces) as a user name to turn on all functions at once.

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