AVGN Adventures Cheats: Unlockable characters and Achievements

AVGN Adventures is officially out, and before it's confirmed release date mind you, and we have some sweet cheats and unlockable characters to get you through the game.

For completionists, a full Achievement list and how to acquire them is at the bottom of this page.


These cheats need to be entered during the opening before the title screen.

Big Head Mode – A, B, A, Y, A, B, B

Blue Screen of Nerd – Up, Up, Down, Down, Left, Right, Left, Right, B(fire), A(jump)

Hedgehog Mode (Run super fast) – Up, Down, Left, Right, A(Jump)

Unlockable Characters

Couch Guy – On the Future F**kballs 2010 stage, get through the red and blue disappearing platforms, and continue right, where Couch Guy will be waiting to be unlocked.

Mike – Unlocking Mike requires Couch Guy unlocked. On the Dungeons & D**kholes stage, you will come across a locked door with a switch behind it. Couch Guy can flip the switch with his attack.

B.S. Man – Unlocking B.S. Man requires Mike unlocked. On the Beat It & Eat It stage, when you progress as far to the right as you can, don't continue down the ladder, instead, switch to Mike to reveal a breakable wall.


All for 1up and 1up for all! – Collect 200 1ups

ASS! – Die 100 times

ASSSS!! – Die 1000 times

Bossman – Find Craig

Bottoms up! – Drink 100 beers

Bow Before the God of Video Games! – Beat the game on "YOLO"

Cheat – Enter a cheat code

Complete Badass – Beat the game on "Impossible" or higher

NO! YOU LISTEN! – Kill Naggi

Old School Playa – Beat the game on "Old School" or higher

On the Naughty List for life – Kill Santa

Poopy Pickle – Find all S*** Pickles

That's what friends are for – Find all playable characters

Who ISN'T in this game? – Find all the cameos

Yea… That just happened… – Ride the Fire Shark

You call that normal?! – Beat the game on "Normal" or higher

You've got skill! – Beat the game on "Hard as Balls" or higher