Another Downside to Gaming in Canada

Well, this sucks. As you all may remember, we discovered that for no clear nor good reason, Nintendo doesn’t allow gifting between the US and Canada, even though they’re a part of the same region. On the upside, I can still use my US bank card, or even a Wii Points card from the US, and things at least work out that way.

Well, earlier this week, I was playing my demo of Pac-man Championship Edition again, and my wife asks why I don’t just buy the full one already. “Why not, indeed?” I ask, and set forth to do just that. And I discovered why not: Much like MS Point cards from the US (got one as a gift once), I cannot use my US card here in Canada.

Just another lousy set of circumstances resulting from what strikes me as a rather dated system. Much like my inability to watch certain videos online, such as the Wii Fit girl on TRL (else I’d have reported that one myself), for weak reasoning at best. We have MTV here. We also get NBC and other programming here, but damn if I can watch it online.

And they wonder why there’s so much piracy.

But, back to games: At least I got a review code for Wolf of the Battlefield: Commando 3 that Capcom was so nice as to provide for me, so I’ll be punching that up and giving it a good go this weekend; the demo was fun, I can say that much. I’ll bring my further thoughts on it in the near future.