Ancel: Small Team Working on Beyond Good & Evil 2 to Maximize Creativity

Beyond Good & Evil 2 is most definitely in development, but don’t expect it to arrive anytime soon. The title, revealed series creator Michel Ancel, is being developed using a small team, which means lots of waiting is still ahead for fans of the series.

Speaking at the Montpellier in Game conference, Ancel explained that Beyond Good & Evil 2 is taking so long to be developed because he is working with a small team in order to assure the highest quality possible. He is dedicated to creating a game that is worthy of the Beyond Good & Evil name, and as a result, he feels that a compact development team has a better chance to develop a title that stays true to the series core and is inspired by creativity.

It will, according to Ancel, have an interactive, branching storyline with differing outcomes, which, obviously, won’t be easy for a small team to tackle in a short length of time.

The problem with developing using a small team is that it takes many, many years to put together a game. As a result, Beyond Good & Evil 2 could potentially arrive near the end of the current-gen consoles life cycles, or, more frighteningly, could even arrive after their end.

Clearly Beyond Good & Evil 2 is being developed for current-generation consoles, but what would happen to the series if it took so long to create that next-generation consoles had already begun arriving when it was ready to go. Would they develop for next-gen and start all over? Or would they release the game despite its late arrival in the console life cycle?

This could be a very difficult dilemma for the team behind this game, which is one of the most anticipated games in development at the moment. Fans of the series have been waiting a long time, and while it’s great to see a team that’s passionate about a game, it’s also slightly frightening when they’re passionate to an extreme. Beyond Good & Evil 2 will either arrive on time and be a great success or it will arrive late and possibly spell death for the franchise.

What Ubisoft doesn’t want to happen is for Beyond Good & Evil 2 to become the next Duke Nukem Forever. They don’t want it to become a game where, given free license, the team takes years to put the title together and ends up continually falling behind on production due to technological advancements until it’s nearly impossible to bring the game out.

It’s understandable that Ancel is passionate about his project and wants it to be as creative, fascinating, and excellent as can be, but let’s hope that it does arrive at some point. We really, really don’t want to see another Duke Nukem Forever. Ever.